About Us

Our Background

Infoprive is a company with a presence and operations covering Africa and the Middle East since 2012, challenging mediocrity and complacency to help embed cybersecurity advisory, security engineering, and managed security services & processes.

With Infoprive as your security advisory, we ensure the three pillars of cybersecurity are achieved, leveraging our expertise and experiences to monitor, detect, prevent, and respond to threats. We partnered with robust technology companies issuing comprehensive compliance, integration, and forensics analytic to protect what matters the most to you.





Our team comprises of cybersecurity professionals with deep and diverse experience in security architecture, design, operations, and monitoring.


We are privileged to have personnel with numerous security certifications, experience implementing and administering numerous SIEMs and security technologies. The team also has cybersecurity risk assurance and cyber-defense experience cut across critical infrastructure, digital payment systems, and other industry verticals.


We understand the impact our personnel have on our service delivery as well as our brand image. Hence, we have developed in-house capability and structure to deliver services and solutions, taking a conscious effort in recruiting, training, and retraining our people to become specialists and experts who constantly provide timely and lasting solutions to our customers’ needs.


As an innovative and driven information security company, we are a leading Information security brand with in-depth knowledge and a hands-on approach to Information security solutions and services.


We understand the industry as well as our client’s dynamism and needs, hence, our unique offerings are carefully selected to be scalable and customizable, effectively meeting our customers’ needs.


When comparing our capabilities and proposed approach, the benefits of choosing Infoprive are:

  • We are leading PCI-DSS compliance consultants in sub-Saharan Africa with experience across transaction switching, payment and banking systems.
  • We provide comprehensive value-added services with full post-implementation support
  • Extensive experience in guiding and managing security operation centres (SOC) for organizations to meet governance, risk and compliance requirements
  • Core team has extensive experience in deploying and maintaining cybersecurity programs across critical infrastructure and payment systems.
  • Focus on Improved security and not just compliance
  • Own and manage Nigeria’s premier ISO27001 certified security operations centre.
  • Industry expertise – our team worked on numerous information security governance, risk and compliance projects at various financial institutions and as a result understand how to align supporting processes and procedures with compliance standards

Infoprive is a company with presence and operations covering Africa and the Middle East since 2012, offering cybersecurity advisory, security engineering, and managed security services.

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